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Skyrocketing malpractice rates, independent dental hygiene practice, continuous government attempts to control fees. We are one leg of a three-part stool: dentists, patients and elected officials. Whether you are fee-for-service, Medicaid or insurance based, we want to get the best for our patients and ourselves. We need the legislators to make the playing field level. Do you need any other reason to support an organization working to protect your professional future?

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What is EDPAC?
Empire Dental Political Action Committee (EDPAC) is a bipartisan political action committee of New York State dentists that serves and protects the interests of NYSDA members. Regardless of party affiliation, EDPAC supports candidates who will be strong advocates for dentists and the patients they serve. EDPAC makes sure that the voice of dentistry gets through to the right people in government–men and women of both political parties who understand and support the needs of the profession.



~ Establish amicable relationships with our state’s key policymakers;

~ Facilitate NYSDA legislative victories through winning strategies;

 ~ Garner support in both houses of government and the Governor’s office;

~ Foster awareness that dentistry is the model profession for high-quality and cost-effective health care.



Dentistry is cost-effective, preventive care. Let’s keep it that way. Our dental delivery system boasts an exemplary cost-control record and efficiency in providing care, yet your practice is constantly under siege by outside forces that would interfere with your ability to continue doing so. EDPAC works tirelessly to keep regulatory infringements, unnecessary requirements, and government out of the dental office.


Since 1969, dentistry has had a seat at the table with lawmakers in New York State because EDPAC has established, and works to maintain, a relationship between the profession and those that make the laws and regulations that impact it. EDPAC does this by supporting mayoral, local, county and state officeholders, as well as new candidates for office, particularly those who are committed to the good oral health of New Yorkers and who support the professional interests of dentists.



Think of those things that impact your practice the most. They all relate to law or regulation. How do we ensure that legislative and regulatory action is favorable to the profession and the practice of dentistry?  Political Action…

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EDPAC: A Short Political History

Without a doubt, much of NYSDA’s success in the legislative arena can be attributed to its strong political action committee, EDPAC (Empire Dental Political Action Committee). This bipartisan committee of New York State dentists helps elect responsive political candidates. EDPAC is voluntary, non-profit, and unincorporated, offering contributing members an opportunity to influence the political process. Led by a Board of Directors independently elected, EDPAC makes contributions to political candidates within the State who listen to the dentists’ point of view…


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