What is EDPAC?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDPAC? 

EDPAC is a bipartisan political action committee of New York State dentists supporting policymakers dedicated to protecting the interests of dentistry and ensuring that New Yorkers continue to have access to the highest quality and affordable oral health care.


There is no other organization with the influence to advocate for the interests of the dental profession in New York State.

What decides how EDPAC funds are distributed? 
Members of the Senate and Assembly who hold leadership positions or who are members of Committees key to legislation affecting the practice of dentistry are obvious choices for support, but often there are members of the legislature with behind-the-scenes influence or who are “rising stars” that also warrant contributions.
Are members of the Senate and Assembly the only officeholders eligible for EDPAC support?

No. Other statewide offices such as Governor and State Attorney General receive contributions. Certain local officeholders have also been supported by the PAC, particularly when it appears they may seek higher office in the future. Also, campaign committees established by the major parties are recipients of EDPAC contributions.

Why can’t I just give directly to a legislator or candidate? 

Every citizen can participate in the political process by contributing to a New York State officeholder and no dentist is ever discouraged from doing so by EDPAC. The advantage to a political action committee is in numbers. It is unlikely that many dentists have the resources to contribute multiple thousands of dollars to several legislators. EDPAC can. In the last five years EDPAC has averaged over $600,000 in contributions to candidates, officeholders and committees. That is considerably more influence than an individual can muster.

Is EDPAC Republican or Democrat?

EDPAC is bipartisan. Members of both parties receive support from EDPAC. However, EDPAC supports policymakers dedicated to protecting the interests of dentistry.


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