Luncheon for Senator Brian Kavanagh

EDPAC hosted a private luncheon on November 1 for Senator Brian Kavanagh (D-27/New York) which was attended by NYSDA and EDPAC leaders.  Pictured here (l to r front row) are: Dr. Lois Jackson, NYSDA Trustee from NY County; Senator Kavanagh; Dr. Anthony Cuomo, NYSDA President; (l to r second row): Oksana Golovina, Esq., EDPAC Consultant; Dr. Maurice Edwards, NYSDA Vice President; Mr. Greg Hill, NYSDA Executive Director, and Ms. Briana McNamee, NYSDA Director of Government Affairs.

Senator Kavanagh conversing with Dr. Cuomo at the luncheon on November 1.