EDPAC Board of Directors

The Empire Dental Political Action Committee is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of approximately 30 volunteer dentists who are members of the New York State Dental Association. Thirteen of the Board are chosen, one each, by the component districts of NYSDA to represent that Geographic Region on the Board. In addition, there are as many as ten “at-large” directors, the officers, and the Second Trustee District’s ADPAC representative making up the balance of the Board.

You are encouraged to contact any of EDPAC’s Board Members with questions, concerns or input that you may have regarding office holders or candidates for office. EDPAC would, in particular, like to hear from you if you treat a member of the legislature or key staff of an office holder.


Michael R. Breault

Richard F. Andolina
Vice Chairman

Joseph R. Caruso


Mark A. Bauman

For a complete list of EDPAC Board Members and their contact information click below:

 EDPAC Board of Directors